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Sherwin Gormly

Environmental System Technology Engineer

Mr. Gormly has 8 years experience in the environmental/industrial engineering field. His background includes in depth knowledge of heavy metal precipitation, advanced analytical procedures to include Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) operation, industrial process and wastewater process chemistry, and treatment related mechanical system design. Also, He has experience in hazardous waste management, handling, and treatment system design. Mr. Gormly has a specific and on going career interest in new/advanced technology R&D for hazardous waste treatment and advanced water treatment system hardware. His continuing academic work as a Ph.D. student includes NASA experimental water treatment, recycle, and vascular plant support systems research.

Mr. Gormly has been on operations officer (for the United States Air Force) stationed at remote sites with hands on maintenance and management responsibility for up to 2 Billion dollars in operational strategic nuclear missiles (on alert ICBMs) and supporting Space Command hardware (launch facilities). As a general supporting engineer Mr. Gormly has experience with aerospace operations involving large rocket/missile system field operations as well as shop and airfield waste/wastewater operations.

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