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Technical Advisors

Michael Fruhwirth

Senior Consultant
Space Station, IVA & EVA Designs

Over the past 14+ years I have been involved in the crew systems IVA and EVA design and development of the International Space Station (ISS)

He led the development and refinement of the use of computer graphics as an analysis tool in the design and development of the ISS to meet EVA crew systems requirements

He was instrumental in the early development of the architectural layout of the internal systems for the US Node and Cupola

Led development of methodology and standard practices for performing analysis of EVA crew access to worksites on Space Station

Developed the Space Station Electronic Development Fixture for the Node.

Led development of the outfitting architecture for the Resource Node and Cupola including the secondary support structure, equipment rack and the standoff interfaces, utility corridors, closeouts, ECLSS packaging, hatch tracks, pressure shell feed throughs, lighting and crew restraint systems.

Designed and developed the first high fidelity Node and Cupola full-scale mockups and the first variable geometry Airlock mockups for Neutral Buoyancy Lab & 1G testing.

Designed the PAM-S Ulysses payload to booster adapter.

Developed the mission variation drawings to Integrate the satellite payloads into the Japanese N2 and H1, Titan II, III and Trans-Stage payload fairings.

KC10 tanker: Night aerial refueling lighting installation, Multi-chemical resistant fuel tank access door seals and vacuum formed and injected molded parts for lightning strike protection system.

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