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Gary Brosch

Seneca Group
(Security Consultant)

Corporate expertise developed while occupying management positions with the three enumerated corporations. The Seneca Group, LLC. President. Currently from 1997 until present. Initial association was between 1989 and 1993. At that time I accepted a position with ARDAK Corporation (see next below), returning to present capacity in July 1997. Currently:

Assists client corporations in determining Competitive Intelligence Requirements. Performs internal Surveys and Vulnerability Assessments. Designs, Recommends, Installs internal competitive intelligence infrastructures, methods, procedures and technical components.

Performs business intelligence collection, analysis and reporting for US and International Commercial and Defense & Aerospace firms and their commercial sectors.

Employs proprietary quantitative analytical models to evaluate corporate entities for specific competitive purposes.

Evaluates competitive posture of multi-company teams bidding on specific procurements: defines strengths & weaknesses and develops recommendations to win.

Assesses individual firms or corporate clusters for acquisition/divestiture purposes, and as venture or teaming candidates.

Conducts broad and/or specific market sector and segment definition, and defines and analyzes competitor populations.

Counterintelligence Experience.

Director, Technology Transfer Division, Counterintelligence Directorate, US Army Staff. (1984-1985) Responsible for developing and implementing Army policies designed to protect military critical (and other) technologies. Provided Army Staff oversight and policy guidance to Army munitions licensing and east-west export licensing processes, co-development, co-production, Foreign Military Sales and all other programs involving technology exchange. Managed all aspects of Army foreign disclosure. (Multi-agency functions which included Office of Secretary of Defense, State Department, Commerce Department, US Trade Commission, Embassies, and others).

US Army Counterintelligence Special Operations Officer, US Army Staff. (1980-1983) Staff oversight and direction for all Army world-wide Offensive Counterintelligence Operations (OFCO) activities; all Army world-wide offensive Counter-Espionage operations/activities; all Army Special Access Programs (SAPS) governing security for systems research, development, acquisition and for all associated industrial processes. Managed security aspects of all covert and clandestine operations originating from the Army Staff, or above. (Multi-agency functions which included State Department, FBI, CIA, foreign counterintelligence and intelligence organizations, and their respective governments, the Executive Office of the President). Operational and operational support activities required.

Executive Director, Special Plans Coordinating Committee, US Army Staff. (1980-1983) Presided over a committee consisting exclusively of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (DCSINT), the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCSOPS); the Deputy Chief of Staff for Research Development & Acquisition (DCSRDA); the Vice Chief of Staff (VCSA) and/or the Chief of Staff (CSA), US Army. Purpose was to conceptualize, develop and conduct perception management operations targeted against foreign intelligence services. (Multi-agency, multi-national function with FBI, CIA, foreign counterintelligence and intelligence organizations, and their respective governments, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, etc.). Operational and operational support activities required.

Chief, Counterintelligence, Counter-terrorist, Counter-narcotics Branch, US Army Intelligence & Security Command. (1979) Responsible for Army-wide staff and operational planning and oversight for all associated global operations within a Major Army Command. Conducted multi-agency liaison and planning for same.

Overseas Operations. As a uniformed Army Military Intelligence Officer functioning as an Intelligence Community (IC) asset, performed intelligence and counterintelligence operations conducted under the auspices of the United States Director for Central Intelligence (DCI), and other members of the United States Intelligence Community. Operational activities required.

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